Why aol mail not currently available

AOL is one of the primary products provided by Verizon Communication. AOL email is a service which is available all around the world. AOL email enjoys the highest database of global users. This email service provides the users with some amazing features which help the users to communicate in a much more expressive way. This email service provides the users to share documents, audio, video, and a lot more in just one click.

Moreover this service also comes with ultimate security and encryption features. This email service has effectively won the trust of several users worldwide with the help of the service that they provide. AOL being a web-based platform, does not work the same at all given situations. There are times when the users come across certain malfunctions. Most of the glitches that the users come across are temporary and can be resolved with the help of AOL Mail Support Number.

Ways to resolve the issue of AOL Mail Not Available

Several ways are using which the users can solve this issue. The steps that you would have to take up are as given below:

Server Status

The server is a crucial aspect in the performance of AOL email platform. If the webmail is unable to connect with the mail server, there are high chances that you would come across the issue in sending and receiving emails.

Proper Functioning of DNS server

The DNS server is used to convert the name to the IP address. If you find that the AOL webmail isn’t working properly, some issue with the DNS could be the reason. If you wish to solve the DNS error, you would have to connect with your ISP as they are only one who is capable of solving the DNS issues. The most effective solution to this problem is by changing the DNS server address; once you change the DNS server address, you would simply have to reboot your system.

Security Error

There are chances that you come across this issue because of your firewall or antivirus protection. It is then suggested that you disable the security software for your device while using the AOL webmail.

Switch the Browser

It is also often advised that the users check whether they are using an outdated browser which is causing the issue on the AOL webmail. The users should try accessing their AOL webmail using another browser.

Disable all Third-Party Extension

It has often been seen that the third party application prevent AOL mail from connecting with the server. The best way to solve this is by temporarily disabling these add-ons and pop-up while using the AOL Webmail.

Clear your Browser

The users should promptly delete the cache, cookies and the history of your browser to retain the proper functioning. When you remove all these trash, the browser would clean all the unwanted trash and would also improve the speed of the browser.

If undertaking these given steps do not aid in solving the issues in hand, the users are suggested to take help for aol mail not currently available contact at AOL Customer Service. They would have all the accurate solutions on how to solve this problem.

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